Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents 
- (Bilingual) Professional book reviewer, Dr. Isabel Schon leads this site with invaluable information on recommended Spanish language books for children and teenagers, links to some Spanish language publishers/vendors and other useful links for librarians.

BPLG's Booktalks - Recommendations and suggestions by librarians for librarians and educators are given at this link.

México Para Niños - (En Español) With bright colors and wonderful links, this Mexican site provides Spanish speaking children information on México such as its history, its geography, its government, and its culture. As part of its entertainment links, children can play "Ciberlotería", an online version of the popular Mexican game, lotería.

The Pura Belpré Award -- Pura Belpré Award, is presented to Latino and Latina writers and illustrators whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and young adults.

Cool Links

Andanzas al Web Latino A directory to different links on politics, economics, culture and the arts.

HispanicDotCom   -  (English) Nicknaming itself a cyber-barrio site and still in development, this site provides information, services and technology access to the Latino community in the United States.

Hispanic Reading Room, Library of Congress -  (Bilingual) This is a focus access point for researchers to have the opportunity to obtain materials Luso-Hispanic relating to geographic areas of the Caribbean, Latin America and Iberia (Spain & Portugal) and the peoples of Luso-Hispanic heritage in the United States, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

 Hispanic Pages in the USA (Bilingual, mostly English) This simple site has links to various fascinating Hispanic websites from Spain and the U.S.

LatinoWeb      (English) Access to e-mail, headline news items relating to professional Latinos and links to different categories of topics such as organizational websites and monthly events are given at this site.

Educational Resources

Bilingual Education   Education majors and teachers will find a plethora of links to sites dealing with bilingual education and Latino culture.

Internet in Spanish -  Powerpoint presentation in Spanish which can be used to give Internet workshops.

Practice using the computer mouse  - Spanish language resource to help beginning computer users become familiar with using a mouse.  

RETAnet - Resources for Teaching about the Americas     Includes lesson plans, a resource materials database, and a photo archive.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!   A good site for teachers, librarians, and others planning activities for Hispanic Heritage month.



Latin America

LANIC    (Latin American Network Information Center) LANIC is managed by the Institute of Latin American Studies at University of Texas in Austin. It provides access to news, academic databases, and other information resources in English and Spanish of interest to Latin Americans.

Latin World -  More than just a search engine for the Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, this site provides a communication platform for Latinamericans and those interested in Latin America.

Organization of American States      (Bilingual) Just about everything relating to this international organization is well presented in this site. This is a most useful for those studying Latin American Studies and/or politics in the Western Hemisphere.

Library Association Projects

The Association of Research Libraries Latin Americanist Research Resources Pilot Project -  Is a project of the Association of Research Libraries whose purpose is to "create a prototype for a fully connected collections for Latin American Studies.


Native Peoples

An educational resource and an introduction to the cultures of Amazon native tribes from the South American Amazon River Basin.

Maya/Aztec/Inca of the Lords of the Earth

 Formerly the Maya-Aztec-Inca Exchange, this site is geared to those studying or interested in the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas.


Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability (MATSES) is a non-profit organization for Matses Indians, an indigenous Tribe from the Amazon Rainforest.

North American Indian Publications

The American Native Press Archives is devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the written words of Native peoples.


El ( formerly known as Mexican Songs/Cancans Mexicans (Maruichi Cardinal de Stanford)    -  Provides lyrics of popular Mariachi songs, along with lyrics for boleros, corridos, rancheras and other genres of Latin songs. This site gives you the option of translating these songs into English, if desired.

 La (formely known asLatin Music Online )    -  Makes connections to information about Latin Music. The site includes: news flashes, reviews, interviews, and other information relating to Música Latina.


El Andar - (Bilingual) This online U.S. Latino site includes links to articles from its most current issue.

Hispanic Online (English) With this site, Hispanic Magazine provides U.S. Latinos with a online forum. America Online uses this site as a resource on Latino life.

Latina Online - With a positive and empowerment attitude, this online magazine focuses on Latina women.

El Mundo (Espana) - Based in Madrid, Spain, this online newspaper provides daily news on local, national, and international events with links to different sections of this Spanish language newspaper.

El Nuevo Herald (Miami) - This Spanish language newspaper covers local, national and international news. The city of Miami is the main focus of this newspaper.

La Prensa de San Antonio - This bilingual online newspaper covers news items from San Antonio, Texas and its surrounding areas.

News Sources of Central America - News and information resources on Central America.

News Sources of Cuba, Dominican Rep. & Puerto Rico   -News and information resources on Cuba, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico.

News Sources of México  -News and information resources on México.

News Sources of South America -News and information resources on South America.

Prensa Escrita -International Spanish newspapers.

Toda la Prensa  - Directory of media links to free newspapers, magazines, radio and television with a  focus on Spanish and Latin American sources.

Public Library Links

The International Center of the San Francisco Public Library (Bilingual)  provides those newly arrived to the U.S. useful links to language, citizenship and other multicultural resources.

Resource Centers

Center for Latin America (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)   -  The U.S. Department of Education supports this site as the National Resource Center for Latin American Language and Area Studies.