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The Oakland Public Library (OPL) has been assigning Spanish language equivalents to Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) in its Spanish language bibliographic records since the early 1980's. The primary source for these Spanish subjects headings is Bilindex (1984) and its 1986 supplement. When Spanish language equivalents to LCSHs cannot be found in Bilindex, OPL library staff with appropriate language and cataloging expertise create them, following linguistic and structural patterns established by the primary source. This file constitutes all those Spanish subject headings created in-house with their LCSH equivalents.

OPL's list of local Spanish subject headings have been reviewed and updated on two occasions by library students, Eugenia Kuttler in 1993 and Martha Arroyo-Neves with assistance from Ruth Rogers in 1995.

As part of her library school internship project, Martha Arroyo-Neves added San Francisco Public Library's Spanish language subject headings and created an online dBASE file of the combined file.

Currently there are approximately 1500 Spanish subject equivalents. The file is in alphabetical order by the LCSH followed by the OPL Spanish subject and the SFPL Spanish subject. The Spanish subject headings here are primarily those that are not represented in Bilindex. However, there are several that revise or update Bilindex terms or phrases to reflect current or preferred terminology. Due to the limitations of the dBASE program as well as to allow for proper indexing in the local system, all diacritical marks and tildes are omitted from the Spanish terms.

Both OPL and SFPL are now offering to share these Spanish subject headings with libraries by making this file available on the BPLG website. Libraries who use these headings are encouraged to provide input and suggestions, as well as suggestions for new Spanish subject equivalents, by sending email to vpisano@sfpl.lib.ca.us

This file is intended for access by libraries and their patrons solely for their informational, research, educational and personal use. Users may print out single copies of the entire file or parts thereof. No part of this file may be downloaded for ongoing use nor reproduced, digitally stored, transmitted or redistributed for commercial purposes without prior written permission of the Oakland Public and San Francisco Public Libraries.

(c) Oakland Public Library & San Francisco Public Library, 1997