BPLG's Booktalks

Here you'll find booktalks written by BPLG members and other people who work with Latino/Hispanic youth. Some of the booktalks are bilingual, and some are just in English.  They describe a variety of books that we think have appeal to young readers from elementary through high school age.  You can use these booktalks to help focus your reading on titles that appeal to you and that you might enjoy promoting to your public. We've tried to present these books accurately while highlighting elements likely to grab a young person's attention pique their interest. Please adapt or borrow from them as you wish.

Bilingual Booktalks about Spanish-language titles

Title: Beisbol en abríl, y otras historias
Author: Soto, Gary
Age range: 10 and older

Title: Corazón del sapo
Author: Sanchez Espeso, Germn
Age range: 10 - 13

Title: Fantasmas en un día de invierno
Author: Taylor, Lisa
Age range: 9 and older

Title: Kike
Author: Perera, Hilda
Age range: 10 and older

Title: La panza del Tepozteco
Author: Agustín, José
Ages: 12 years and older

Title: Pequeño vampiro
Author: Sommer-Bodenburg, Angela
Age range: 9 years and older

Booktalks about English-language titles of Latino interest

Title: How the Garcia girls lost their accents
Author: Alvarez, Julia
Booktalk Author: Susan Harloe

Title: Parrot in the oven
Author: Martinez, Victor
Booktalk author: Susan Harloe

Title: Walking stars
Author: Villasenor, Victor
Booktalk author: Susan Harloe