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BPLG Meeting- Friday, September 30th at Alviso Branch

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

We missed you at the last BPLG meeting… or did we?  You’ll never know unless you show up for the September 30th BPLG meeting at the Alviso Branch Library in San José.  Thanks to Adrián Barrientos for securing our next meeting place so quickly.  Mark the date on your calendar, get your carpool together and come to the September meeting.  There are some exciting discussions coming up and we need the input and participation of as many BPLG members as possible.  Don’t miss a minute.  See you in September (wow, that sounds like the title of a song!).

Date:  Friday, September 30th
Time:  9:30-11:30 a.m.
PlaceAlviso Branch Library
5050 North First St.
San José, CA 95002
Phone:  (408) 263-3626

Elena Poniatowska – National Hispanic University: September 22, 2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Drop all your plans for September 22nd and head to the National Hispanic University for a day of reflection on literature with Elena Poniatowska.  Journalist, author and essayist, she is one of Mexico’s most famous writer and public intellectual.

Thanks to Heather Schwappach for sending us the information on this very exciting program and a not to be missed opportunity.  The event will take place at the Bustos Plaza on the National Hispanic University campus.


3:00 pm- 4:00 pm
“Global Insights on Moral Values” Vivien von Son Gallut

4:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Video interview of Elena Poniatowska and refreshments

5:00 pm- 6:30 pm
“A Reflection on Literature” Elena Poniatowska

Place: National Hispanic University
Address: 14271 Story Road, San Jose, CA  95127
For More Information: 408-254-6900 x2742

BPLG Sponsored Event! Cascada de Flores at the Fremont Main Library September 10th

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

¡Celebre el Mes de la Herencia Hispana con el grupo Cascada de Flores!

Venga a disfrutar la música variada y emotiva de Mexico y del Caribe en un concierto para toda la familia con el grupo Cascada de Flores.  Sábado, 10 de septiembre, a las 2 p.m., Fremont Main Library 2400 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, CA

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Fremont Main Library presents Cascada de Flores!

Cascada de Flores will delight the entire family with their gorgeous and infectious music from Mexico and the Caribbean in a one hour concert suitable for the entire family.  Saturday September 10th, 2:00 p.m.,  Fremont Main Library 2400 Stevenson Blvd. Fremont, CA