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REFORMA National Conference IV Presentations

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Hopefully you were able to make it to the REFORMA National Conference in Denver, September 15th-18th.  But if not, you’re in luck because you’ll find the presentations and handouts from BPLG represented sessions here.   You can also find out more by attending the next BPLG meeting (see details in message above).
Here are the conference sessions presented by BPLG members:
    Bay Area Style:  Programming and Outreach to Latinos: Janice Garcia, Marti Krow-Lucal, Kim Nguyen, Library, and Elizabeth Muñoz-Rosas: BayAreaStyle_PPT
    Career Paths, Roadblocks and Dead Ends: Ricardo Antoni, Peggy Cabrera, María Kramer, and Rita Torres:  Career Paths_Presentation

There’s a lot of work and time that went into these presentations and we can’t thank these teams enough for sharing their experience at the conference.

SJSU SLIS Library 2.011 Conference and Fall 2011 Colloquia Presentations

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The San Jose State School of Library and Information Science keeps things interesting with upcoming colloquims and the Library 2.011 Conference.  All are free and online.  Thanks to Peggy Cabrera for keeping us updated on whats happening at SJSU.

The SLIS offer Colloquia presentations to foster enhanced learning and knowledge sharing and the Fall 2011 series has a lot to offer.  You’ll find full details and dates on the SJU SLIS Colloquia Series page.

SJSU SLIS is also the founding conference sponser of what looks to be an exciting and enlightening online event, the Library 2.011 Conference.  The Library 2.011 conference will be a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on the current and future state of libraries.  The conference takes place Nov 2-3rd and will take place across mutliple time zones.  Get full details on the “Happenings” page of the  SJSU SLIS website.

$150 Scholarship to attend REFORMA National Conference

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Wow! Thanks to the Colorado Chapter of REFORMA for this wonderful opportunity to apply for a $150 Scholarship to assist in attending the REFORMA National Conference IV.  They have generously made one award available to anyone nationally (or internationally) and 2 awards available to Colorado residents.  The deadline to apply is July 29th

For more information and to apply click on the link