Who We Are

A Message from Our President

 With about 30 years as an experienced public librarian serving Latino communities in the Bay Area (Northern California), I look forward to leading this organization and using my professional experience as a public librarian to continue and expand Bibliotecas Para La Gente’s mission to provide resources, professional developmental and mentorship opportunities to our organization’s members. My hope is to empower BPLG members to better serve the Latino/Latinx communities they serve with professional tools and resources.


Furthermore, after having faced a worldwide Pandemic that presented us with challenges and difficulties in providing library services to the Latino/Latinx communities we serve, we now have the opportunity to better serve our Latino/Latinx communities which need more than ever. Incorporating the talents of all librarians (experienced & new to the profession) and the professional tools & resources (used in the past & new technologies/tools) will help our organization reach that goal.


Adrián Barrientos

Bibliotecas Para La Gente

President 2023-2024

Officers of Bibliotecas Para La Gente






General descriptions of positions

- Calls and presides over all general membership meetings of the Chapter, serves as the Chapter’s official representative and provides leadership for all its activities.

- Notifies all members of upcoming meetings by written notice or by email at least 1-2 weeks ahead.

- Compiles and distributes the Agenda for the Chapter Meeting to all members.

- Represents and speaks on behalf of the organization in its relationship with any other organizations or agencies as appropriate.

- Keeps track of and facilitates the work of all BPLG committees.

- As a member of the REFORMA Executive Board with one vote, represents the Chapter at REFORMA business meetings and activities at national conferences, including ALA annual and midwinter.

- Prepares annual reports of Chapter accomplishments and activities to be presented at REFORMA Executive Board meeting at the annual ALA conference.

- Coordinates conference responsibilities.

- Chairs the Nominations Committee.

- Assists the President with the duties listed under that office.

- Becomes President after serving one year as Vice President.

- Assumes the duties of the President in the President’s absence or incapacity.

- Is responsible for taking minutes at the chapter’s bi-monthly meetings.

- Sends out minutes to membership following the chapter’s bimonthly meetings.

- Coordinates, together with Treasurer, membership renewal campaign in the fall.

- Takes charge of and is responsible for all the fiscal, financial, and budgetary affairs of BPLG.

- Prepares and distributes a Treasurer’s Report at every BPLG meeting.

- Makes payment to REFORMA of one third of Chapter dues collected as stipulated by REFORMA procedures.

- Makes payment to REFORMA of all member donations to REFORMA scholarship fund as stipulated by REFORMA procedures.

- Processes membership information and payments in a timely manner.

- Forwards new member information to BPLG President.

- Compiles and distributes a membership directory on a regular basis.

- Coordinates, together with Secretary, membership renewal campaign in the fall.

- Offers assistance to the current President and Officers.

- Serves as a Q&A person to the organization.

- Is responsible for the BPLG website.

- Updates the website as needed.

- Collaborates with the Web Committee.

- Presents proposals for changes to the website to the membership.

Prior Executive Boards

Officers 2022-2023

President - Andy Paul

Vice President - Adrian Barrientos

Past President - Andy Paul

Secretary - Hector Garcia

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Webmaster - Joanna M. Arteaga La Spina

Officers 2021-2022

President - Andy Paul

Vice President - Adrian Barrientos

Past President - Adriana Lugo

Secretary - Susan Nilson

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Webmaster - Joanna M. Arteaga La Spina

Officers 2020-2021

President - Adriana Lugo

Vice President - Andy Paul

Past President - Jennifer Maria Weisberg

Secretary - Esmeralda Casas

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Officers 2019-2020

President - Jennifer Maria Weisberg

Vice President - Adriana Lugo

Past President - Esmeralda Casas

Secretary - Andy Paul

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Webmaster - Elizabeth Munoz Rosas / Nancy Macias

Officers 2018-2019

President - Esmeralda Casas

Vice President - Jennifer Maria Weisberg

Past President - Francisco Vargas

Secretary - Adriana Lugo

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Webmaster - Dolly Goyal

Officers 2017-2018

President - Francisco Vargas

Vice President - Esmeralda Casas

Past President - Armando Rivera

Secretary - Jennifer Weisberg

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Officers 2016-2017

President - Armando Rivera

Vice President - Francisco Vargas

Past President - Janice Garcia

Secretary - Esmeralda Casas

Treasurer - Patricia (Pat) Toney

Webmaster - Heather Ott