Librarian Resources for Adults

The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and the Spanish Association of Publishers Guilds have developed the campaign America Reads Spanish, aimed to increase the use and reading of Spanish through the thousands of libraries, schools, and book stores of this country.

Arte Publico Press is one of the oldest and most important publishers of contemporary literature by U.S. Latino authors. Arte Publico Press also has its imprint, Piñata Books, for children and young adults.

El Sistema de Bibliotecas del Condado de Palm Beach presenta este recurso sobre el uso de computadoras para ayudar a principiantes a familiarizarse con el uso del ratón.

Esta es una guía muy detallada de cómo encontrar información en el internet. Incluye, consejos generales, herramientas de búsqueda y estrategias y tácticas de búsqueda. Este sitio también incluye recomendaciones de los mejores buscadores y multibuscadores.

A collection of resources and tips for starting and running a successful ESL Conversation Club at your library.

Floricanto Press includes a selection of Latino popular reading, reference materials, immigration, history, psychology, and Latino women.

FIL is the most important Spanish-language book fair in the world. Authors, literary agents, librarians, booksellers, and more than 1,600 publishing houses from 39 countries attend this event. The half a million visitors expected this year will enjoy the world of books and share the very best of the culture and arts of Colombia, 2007 Guest of Honor.

MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations.

Provides links and resources to strengthen literacy across lifespan. Free literacy books can be obtained to teach a parent literacy workshop.

Directory of Spanish newspapers from across the Americas.